Communitas Communitas


Natural Support Networks

Communities thrive when the individuals within them connect.  These connections between people erase differences in age, background and ability.  Natural support networks weave together the strengths and values brought by such meaningful, mutually-supportive relationships.

Communitas works to assist individuals in developing their own circles of support. Based on joint interest in the focus individual, family members, neighbors, and close community members form the basis of a permanent personal network, providing care, interaction and connection within a person’s life. The key is not one-way giving, but rather the reciprocal exchange of time and friendship between people whose concern for each other surpasses professional obligation.

Natural support networks will become even more essential as sweeping changes in public policy drastically alter the way in which families are able to access health care and other critical services. Meanwhile, limits on personal savings and asset accumulation carry significant implications for families needing to plan for retirement, family care needs, and beyond.

We use the natural support network model in supporting each individual to develop lasting relationships in and among their families, neighborhoods and communities.


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