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Communitas’ Code of Ethics

Communitas’ Code of Ethics is an ethical framework and a statement of corporate values.  It is based upon the premise that no single document could possibly anticipate all the challenges and opportunities Communitas will face.  However, it is also based upon the premise that when individuals work in an environment governed by the fundamental principles of integrity, honesty, compassion, creativity, and excellence, they are more able to accept the many challenges and take advantage of the many opportunities which arise.

We believe that:

  1. Everything we do must be governed by the fundamental principles of:
      1. integrity,
      2. honesty,
      3. compassion,
      4. excellence
      5. creativity
      6. accountability
  2. all people should be included in their community;
  3. all people should have a sense of responsibility and accountability to their community;
  4. all people should have the right to empowerment, independent choice, and personal growth that is acknowledged and promoted;
  5. the uniqueness of each person is the driving force for all services;
  6. the strength of our organization is built upon its relationships;
  7. our organization must be a responsible steward of the public and private trust.

Communitas expects that all of its employees will guide their behavior by the values above.  Our code provides tangible guidelines in characterizing expected behavior that will lead us toward living these values and foster an environment in which these values may thrive.  Therefore our code is not expected to include examples of all expected behavior.

  1. We will act with Integrity.
  2. We will be respectful, fair and courteous in all our professional interactions including colleagues, individuals served and other professional relationships, regardless of where the interaction occurs.
  3. We recognize the primacy of the interests, rights, and prerogative of the individuals served.
  4. We will maintain the utmost of Confidentiality
  5. We will promote the general welfare of society
  6. We will embody Competence and Professional Development
  7. We will act with Propriety and avoid conflict of interest or its appearance
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