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About Communitas

Communitas is a non-profit organization that primarily provides residential services for people with developmental and cognitive disabilities.  We take an individualized approach that encourages each person to be an active part of their community. It is our Mission to build community through systems of individualized development, investment, service and collaboration.

That means we take a personal approach to providing support so that each person may live life to the fullest, with maximum independence and minimum interference from us.  We succeed by being flexible, thoughtful and innovative while involving others important in the life of an individual. We also involve other community members that can add value in the setting up of a Natural Support system. We do not take what we do lightly. We are particular about the way we do what we do, and rely on our shared value structure to guide us.  By its very nature, to serve and support is a collaborative process: doing with, rather than for someone.

All services are based on Person Centered Planning, which focus on assets, skills, abilities and desires, rather than perceived deficits.  We provide these services in affordable housing units that we own as well as in homes owned or rented by the individuals we support. 

Through person centered planning and integration support our Community Outreach Services assists adults with disabilities to function with only needed support within their own homes, neighborhoods and communities.

Communitas believes every person has unfathomable gifts to share. Moreover serving individuals, rather than groups, categories or labels, allows us both the privilege and opportunity to concentrate on the strengths that every individual possesses. The best we can offer each other is to be willing to share our gifts and be ready to receive others’ gifts.

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